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GROUP MEMBER EXCLUSIVE - Tumblate - Adhesive tumbler wrap

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Tumblates are laser cut double sided adhesive tumbler templates that help make tumbler creating easier for makers. They are sized for 20 Oz straight skinny tumblers - 9.25” width by 8” height. If you need different sizing, please check with Angie first to make sure your request can be accommodated. 

To use, simply pull off the cover by color section. Working darkest color to lightest is advised to help cut back on cross contamination. This adhesive works best with micas, mica flakes, foils, foils flakes, films, and smaller sized cut glitters. You can apply the tumblates to your tumbler before or after decorating - whichever you prefer. These can also be deconstructed/fussy cut with scissors or exacto knives for even more fun.